My name is Ninda Dwiyana. I was born in Bone, 31th January 2000.
I have one older brother and 2 younger sister, it's mean I'm the second child,
like the 3 words of my lastname, Dwiyana. Dwi means two.

I started my education in SDN 22 Jeppe'e. I had a lot of moments at that time. My friends were really nice to me.
After studied there for six years, I continued in MtsN Watampone. This is the place that I learned islam better.
My favorite subject for 2 years studied there is known as fiqih. The lesson was fun but difficult at the same time.
I remembered when the teacher asked us to memorize QS. As-Sajdah and Al-Insaan. He gave us 4 weeks for memorizing those. It's hard but I can do it.
Although, when I entered Senior High School, I forgot all about it.